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Matters of the Heart

On my Mind...

It seems like...

Black folk want me to hate white people,

white people want me to hate myself,

Christians want me to hate everyone who isn't,

Atheists want me hate Christians

Queer folk want me to hate straight people especially straight men,

The Government wants us to hate each other,

Corporations want us hate our bodies,

I could continue but you get the idea...

It feels like hate is becoming the key qualification to be included in our society these days. Makes sense As a natural byproduct of outrage being the most profitable currency of this Era.

Like it's cool to hate people these days. But If I have to hate someone to be in with you, then count me out. If that means I have to be pennyless and alone then so be it. I won't be twisted in to feeling that my empathy is a bad thing. I like loving people.

I think in this context when someone uses the word love it's interpreted as passivity, and weakness. To that I ask, Have you ever been in love? Like a real strong burning love? How passive did you feel about it? How easily were you willing to concede? How vulnerable, and untethered did it make you? What were you willing to do for that love? So, I can love and still push with all my might for the change I hope to see in the world. But I don't want to use hate. Even if it will be used on me.

I'm not perfect at all, I've been more angry in the last year than ever before. It feels like a high. One that you get accustomed to so you need more and more. Knowing that anger high is only a meme, facebook post, phone call, or social interaction away is not a place I want to call home. I don't have all the answers, I don't know how we get to an equilibrium. But I want to try. I want to try as a fully realized human, not just a ball of angst , rage, and hate. Will you join me?

~E~ .

(Before you all jump on my back. I'm not saying that there aren't definitive right and wrongs on some of the issues. I am only referring to how it seems like at some level every group is using hate as a primary tool)

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